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The Aro Pit Boss

Pneumatic dewatering and solids-handling diaphragm pumps

ARO has taken the patented technologies and proven designs that made their brand famous and added features to make their dewatering and solids-handling pumps the first choice for general industrial, mining, and construction professionals worldwide.

When you purchase an ARO Pit Boss pneumatic diaphragm pump,
you can be confident that you’re getting industry-proven durability,
reliability, and value. They’re the ideal solution for general transfer,
dewatering, and solids-handling applications.

  • Reliability
  • Performance
  • Versatility
  • Safety

Here are some of the amazing features of The Pit Boss series:

• Powerful Suction Lift: The new Dewatering Series pumps have been engineered to address this
key performance capability, where it comes to getting fluids up and out of critical areas within
the mine.

• Big Flow Rates: ARO’s new Dewatering Series Diaphragm Pumps can deliver industry leading flow
rates to cover even the most demanding operation in the mine.

• Need to Pump Solids or Semi-Solids? No Problem! The Dewatering Series pumps can handle
semi-solids up to 1” (25.4 mm) in diameter. Simply remove two bolts and the front of the screen
comes off for easy access to large NPT or BSP threaded inlet ports.

• Comfort-Grip Handles Improve Portability. While air-operated diaphragm pumps are valued for
their portability around the site, having handles on the pump make things even more convenient.
The new Dewatering Series pumps feature comfort-grip handles that allow the user or maintenance
personnel to get the pump from point A to point B quicker and with less hassle.

• Maintenance – Wise, Bolted is Better. The new dewatering pumps feature bolted construction
for faster and easier maintenance… especially when compared to band clamps that require two
people and three hands to re-assemble.

• New, Easy-Access Screened Inlets In mining operations where pumping conditions include all
sorts of unwanted debris, the new pump inlet screens keep the trash out of the pump. And when its
time to remove for pump inspection or replacement, they have an all-new, easy-to-access design that
will cut maintenance time down to size.

• Stall-free, Ice-Free Operation: The patented ARO air motor design is an integral part of the new
Dewatering Series pumps. When other pumps stall out or ice-over, especially in intermittent
operation, the ARO pump keeps on going… without any need to apply hot water or hammers.

• Rugged and Reliable: We understand the world of mining; operating conditions that can be brutal
on production equipment. The Dewatering Series pumps, and all of the equipment, have been built to
both withstand and flourish in these extreme conditions.

Solutions for any need

ARO Pit Boss pumps are available in three sizes for a variety of general transfer, dewatering, and solids-handling applications.

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