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Flowserve Innomag Magnetic Drive Pumps

The TB-Mag Series
The U-Mag Series

Flowserve Innomag offers two series of mag-drive pumps: the TB-Mag Series and the U-Mag Series. Both ranges offer the same concern for the environment and commitment to quality we have come to expect from this brand.


Technical Details of Magnetic Drive Pumps

TB-Mag Series:

● Temperature Range: -20 to 250oF (-29 to 121oC)
● Maximum Discharge
Pressure: 300 psi (20.6 bar)
● Flange Connections: ANSI Class 150
ANSI Class 300
JIS 10kg/cm^2
● Mounting: NEMA or IEC
● Maximum Power: Rated @ 3500 rpm
TB-mag A: 14hp (10.4kW)
TB-mag B: 30hp (22.4kW)
TB-mag C: 100hp (74.6kW)
● Maximum Flow:
TB-mag A: 295 gpm (66.9 m3/hr)
TB-mag B: 700 gpm (159 m3/hr)
TB-mag C: 1500 gpm (340.7 m3/hr)
● Maximum TDH:
TB-mag A: 190 ft (58.2m)
TB-mag B: 306 ft (93.2m)
503 ft (153m)
TB-mag C:
300 psi (20.6 bar)
● Maximum Solids:
Size: .25 inch
Concentration: 30 %

U-Mag Magnetic Drive Pump Series:

• Compact, heavy duty, non-metallic magnetic drive pump.
• Universal flange design – meets ANSI, ISO and JIS piping connections.
• Fluoroplastic ETFE and Ultra High Purity PFA provide universal chemical compatibility.
• Optional Ultra High Purity PFA allows for ultra low contaminants (ppb).
• Powerful neodymium magnets provide maximum torque up tp 14 hp (10.5kW).
• Pump housing based on modified concentric volute to minimize radial loads and help extend bearing life.
• Cantilevered pump shaft allows for full opened pump suction, providing for the lowest NPSHr.
• Designed for easy pump service (if required).
• Liquid end and drive end independently serviceable.
• 100% replaceable wear parts including all rotating and stationary rings.
• Heads to 165 ft (50m) / Flows to 450 gpm (102 m3/hr).


TB-Mag Series:
Metal Finishing – Pickling,
Etching and Plating
Tank Car Loading and
Scrubber Systems
Chemical Processing
Reactor Feed
Waste Chemical Treatment

U-Mag Series:

Chemical processing
Metal Plating
Parts washing
Circuit board mfg.
Photo processing
Pure Water, RO & DI
Food processing
Wet scrubbers
Heat exchangers

Magnetic Drive Pump Downloads
For more information on these products, download the full brochure below: