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Ebsray Gear Pumps

MD & HD Series Gear Pumps
Z Series Gear Pumps

Ebsray pumps are general purpose application pumps utilizing the renowned ‘Internal Gear’ principle – only two basic moving parts. A complete range of highly efficient pumps which offer excellent self priming capabilities, quiet operation, smooth continuous flow, low shear, reversible flow, minimal maintenance and simplicity.



Technical Details

MD & HD Series:

Mechanical seal/hydraulic packing
Accurate axial rotor control and adjustment
Heating/cooling jackets available
Heavy duty bearings
Integral bypass valve optional
Heavy duty design
Variety of porting configurations.
Casing – Cast Iron, SG Iron, Steel, Stainless Rotors – Cast Iron, SG Iron, Steel, Stainless Shaft – High tensile alloy steel, Stainless Corrosion/abrasion resistant and special materials to specification.

Z Series:
Mechanical seal/hydraulic packing
Integral bypass/pressure relief valve – optional
Direct coupling to synchronous speed motors
High efficiency
Robust, lightweight and compact
Materials of Construction
Casing – Cast Iron, Ductile Iron
Rotors – Ductile Iron, Cast Iron
Shaft – High tensile hardened alloy steel
Flows to 24 L/min (6.3 gpm)
Differential Pressures to 20 bar (290 psi)
Viscosities to 10,000 cSt
Temperatures to 200°C


MD & HD Series:
Universal industrial pumps for handling the widest range of liquids for chemical, oil, food, ink, paint, paper, petrochemical, sugar, pharmaceutical and many other industries.

Z Series:
Low flow general purpose industrial applications. Ideally suited for fuel oil transfer and injection processes particularly OEM uses

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