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Flowserve Innomag Magnetic Drive Pump

Flowserve Innomag Magnetic Drive Pumps

The TB-Mag Series
The U-Mag Series

Flowserve Innomag offers two series of mag-drive pumps: the TB-Mag Series and the U-Mag Series. Both ranges offer the same concern for the environment and commitment to quality we have come to expect from this brand.


Technical Details of Innomag Magnetic Drive Pump

TB-Mag Series:

  • Temperature Range: -20 to 250°F (-29 to 121°C)
  • Maximum Discharge
    Pressure: 300 psi (20.6 bar)
  • Flange Connections: ANSI Class 150
    ANSI Class 300
    ISO PN 16
    JIS 10kg/cm^2
  • Mounting: NEMA or IEC
  • Maximum Power: Rated @ 3500 rpm
    TB-mag A: 14hp (10.4kW)
    TB-mag B: 30hp (22.4kW)
    TB-mag C: 100hp (74.6kW)
  • Maximum Flow:
    TB-mag A: 295 gpm (66.9 m3/hr)
    TB-mag B: 700 gpm (159 m3/hr)
    TB-mag C: 1500 gpm (340.7 m3
  • Maximum TDH:
    TB-mag A: 190 ft (58.2m)
    TB-mag B: 306 ft (93.2m)
    503 ft (153m)
    TB-mag C:
    300 psi (20.6 bar)
  • Maximum Solids:
    Size: .25 inch
    Concentration: 30 %

U-Mag Series:

  • Compact, heavy duty, non-metallic magnetic drive pump.
  • Universal flange design – meets ANSI, ISO and JIS piping connections.
  • Fluoroplastic ETFE and Ultra High Purity PFA provide universal chemical compatibility.
  • Optional Ultra High Purity PFA allows for ultra low contaminants (ppb).
  • Powerful neodymium magnets provide maximum torque up tp 14 hp (10.5kW).
  • Pump housing based on modified concentric volute to minimize radial loads and help extend bearing life.
  • Cantilevered pump shaft allows for full opened pump suction, providing for the lowest NPSHr.
  • Designed for easy pump service (if required).
  • Liquid end and drive end independently serviceable.
  • 100% replaceable wear parts including all rotating and stationary rings.
  • Heads to 165 ft (50m) / Flows to 450 gpm (102 m3/hr).

Uses of Magnetic Drive Pump

TB-Mag Series:

Metal Finishing – Pickling,
Etching and Plating
Tank Car Loading and
Scrubber Systems
Chemical Processing
Reactor Feed
Waste Chemical Treatment

U-Mag Series:

Chemical processing
Metal Plating
Parts washing
Circuit board mfg.
Photo processing
Pure Water, RO & DI
Food processing
Wet scrubbers
Heat exchangers