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Blackmer Centrifugal PumpsBlackmer Centrifugal Pumps

The Blackmer System One Centrifugal pump is the simplest type of centrifugal pump, working as a single stage machine. It consists of a rotating element (impeller) and a casing. The impeller vanes send liquid, which is led into the centre of the impeller, into a rotation, and by centrifugal force is thrown from the rim of the impeller with significant velocity. It’s then up to the casing to collect the liquid and then convert this energy into pressure energy. The passage from the casing leads to the nozzle of the pump. From there it’s then forced into the discharge piping. A simple, yet effective process.

Special features include Blackmer’s patented System One® Labyrinth Seals which offer a lifetime of non-wearing protection for thrust and radial bearings, heavy-duty bearings, and a solid, heavy-duty low deflection shaft.

Blackmer pumps are known in the industry for their reliability. They are strong, yet low-maintenance and are designed for the most extreme environments.

Innomag Acid-Resistant PumpsInnomag Acid-Resistant Pumps

Innomag’s Mag-Drive centrifugal pumps offer the same minimal impact to the environment that we have come to expect from this brand. Mag-Drive is short for Magnetic Drive, and refers to the way in which the impeller sits within the drive shaft of the pump. In direct drive pumps, the impeller is attached to the shaft of the pump, and that’s where Mag-Drive pumps differ. With Mag-Drive technology, the motor and the wet end of the pump are two completely separated parts, connected together with simply a motor bracket. When the magnet attached to the motor rotates, the impeller’s own magnet rotates in unison. This cuts out the need for a seal, and therefore eliminates the risk of leakages and damage to the system.


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