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Gear Pumps

Pompe GVR Gear PumpsPompe GVR Gear Pumps

Gear pumps work by meshing gears together to pump the fluid by displacement. In hydraulic fluid power applications, this is one of the most common types of pumps. For more than 45 years, GVR has been manufacturing pumps for the use of pumping glues, oils, fuel, molasses, and other similar fluids.  GVR is reputable for their reliability and high quality.



Maag Gear PumpsMaag Gear Pumps

Maag’s hydrolub gear pumps were made to last. Made to meet the high standards of industrial plants, these cast iron pumps where the highest quality components are the of utmost importance. The benefits of using Maag Gear Pumps include their large pressure range, durability, extensive viscosity range, a large temperature spectrum, and a high degree of efficiency.



Victor Gear PumpsVictor Gear Pumps

The Victor R Gear Pumps are made to be used with fluids of any viscosity. Bitumen, chocolate, and solvents are just some of the types of fluid that can be handled with ease by these internal gear pumps. These pumps are also suitable for both lubricating and non-lubricating fluids.

The Victor R Gear Pumps are manufactured in stainless steel or cast iron and can be equipped with heating jackets and/or a relief valve.


Zenith Magnetic Drive PumpZenith 9000 Series Gear Metering Pump

For pumps that have stood the test of time, gear pumps are leaders. Having been developed in the 1920s, gear pumps are made to provide precise flow of fluids under any conditions. Zenith was started in 1926, setting the international standard for gear pumps everywhere.

The Zenith 9000 Series Metering Pump upholds the brand’s decades-long high standards and shows their commitment to manufacturing equipment that meet the rigorous demands of today’s industry.

Uses: Hydraulic fluid power applications, chemical installations, high viscosity fluids.