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Other Pumps

Innomag Acid-Resistant PumpsInnomag Acid-Resistant Pumps

Innomag’s Mag-Drive pumps offer the same minimal impact to the environment that we have come to expect from this brand. Mag-Drive is short for Magnetic Drive, and refers to the way in which the impeller sits within the drive shaft of the pump. In direct drive pumps, the impeller is attached to the shaft of the pump, and that’s where Mag-Drive pumps differ. With Mag-Drive technology, the motor and the wet end of the pump are two completely separated parts, connected together with simply a motor bracket. When the magnet attached to the motor rotates, the impeller’s own magnet rotates in unison. This cuts out the need for a seal, and therefore eliminates the risk of leakages and damage to the system.

Uses: Hot acid applications, chemical processing


ARO Diaphragm PumpsIngersoll Rand / ARO Diaphragm Pump

Ingersoll Rand/ARO pumps are manufactured using the patented, unbalanced air valve design which promises to avoid stalling issues that can sometimes be found in other pumps.

The exhaust valves are made to divert cold air away from components which are prone to ice build-up. These are known as “quick-dump” exhaust valves. This tech means that your pump will not freeze up.

Uses: Sludges and slurries, spraying, cleaning


Hydropompe Submersible PumpsHydropompe Submersible Pumps

Hydropompe was established in the 1970s, and so have many years of experience manufacturing pumps. Hydropumpe’s submersible pumps are electrical, running on regular batteries. The pump is equipped with a continuous current motor, which means it can continue running even in the absence of an electrical current. This is great for emergencies. Hydropompe’s range have a variety of water applications, depending on the model.

Uses: Clear water, soil water, waste water.


ARO Acid Resistant PumpsARO Acid Resistant Pumps

ARO’s pumps are all about keeping energy costs down and running as efficiently as possible. These pumps are up to 40% more efficient than other pumps on the market. Acid resistant pumps are manufactured to withstand the corrosive properties of acids and chemicals, standing the test of time.

Uses: Chemicals, hot acid applications, air treatment.


Blackmer Truck PumpsBlackmer Truck Pumps

Blackmer’s aluminium ATX truck pump weighs in at only 45kg, so it is the ideal pump for light, clean and non-corrosive fluids. This works on most petroleum applications. It is made with grease lubricated ball-bearings, cartridge mechanical seals as well as Duravanes.

Uses: Most petroleum applications, clean fluids, non-corrosive fluids, aluminium-compatible fluids.


Speck Vacuum PumpsSpeck Vacuum Pumps

Speck Vacuum Pumps are manufactured and designed for the pool and spa industries. Speck Pumpen have been manufacturing pumps for over 100 years. Speck Pumps South Africa have been in business for more than 40 years, providing a fine range of vacuum pumps.

Uses: Pools, bathtubs, spas


Blackmer LPG PumpsBlackmer LPG Pumps

Blackmer’s LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) pumps come with the same outstanding level of manufacturing quality as any other of their products. The LPG pump has a 6-vane design which helps maintain exceptionally low noise levels. All models of the LPG pump have an exclusive combination valve. This means that no bypass valve is needed, as it acts as a back-to-back bypass valve as well as an internal safety valve.

Uses: Petroleum


Blackmer Eccentric Disc PumpsBlackmer Eccentric Disc Pumps

An eccentric disc pump is a pump that consists of a cylinder and a pumping element. These are mounted on an eccentric shaft. As this shaft rotates, chambers are formed in the cylinder. These draw fluid into the pumping chamber, which is then moved to a discharge port. The chamber size increases here and this action squeezes the fluid out into the discharge piping.

Uses: Chemical industry, crude oil, waste oil, food and beverage.